Q: You're called Mobile Mac La, do you work on PC's too?

A: Yes. We work on ALL types of computers.

   Q: What makes you so different than all the other computer repair companies out there?

A: Well, we like to think two things set us apart. One, we come to you, at no additional cost and with no fuel surcharges. This allows our clients the flexibility to mold our work to their own schedule. Second, the way we handle our clients. If you noticed we don’t use the word customer we use client. That’s how we think of you, our client. We don’t want to just fix your problem and leave, never to be seen again. We want you to understand the problem so it doesn’t happen again, and feel comfortable calling your assigned tech with any questions or problems you may have in the future, no matter how minimal. We want you to think of us as your computer company.

   Q: What kind of experience do you have?

A: We have over 20 years combined experience in building, repairing and optimizing both Mac’s and PC’s, iPods, iPhones as well as Networking, Backup solutions and Web Design.

   Q: What about my privacy?

A: Privacy is our number one priority. We do a lot of work for people in the entertainment industry and business where privacy is key. We apply that to EVERY single one of our customers. Your personal information is just that PERSONAL. We don’t look at any files on your computer that we don’t absolutely have to and even then NEVER without informing you and getting your permission first.

   Q: Your hours listed are 9am to 6pm what if I have an emergency?

A: Our regular hours are 9am to 6pm but there is always someone on call to make sure that if you have a computer catastrophe we can get you back up and running in the time frame you need.

   Q: I don’t see an address in the contact area; do you have a storefront I can go too?

A: No. We are called mobile mac for a reason. We cater to the people that don’t have time in the day to take in a computer have it assessed, called back 2 hours later to find out what the problem is and then have to go pick it up after it is repaired to bring it home and hope it works right. We come to you. Most of the time we can fix it on site, right then and there. If not, we take the to computer repair it and then return it to you, making sure you are happy with the repair and all is working well. All this is done on your schedule in the comfort of your own home. Also because we don’t incur the cost of a storefront our rates are equal to or in some cases even lower then the norm.

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