Our rates are $125 for the first hour $95 for all additional hours for labor.

After hours rates are usually double the regular rate, but we like to be flexible and work with our clients. In other words if you happen to call at 6:30pm you have a much better chance of getting regular rates then if you called at 11:30pm. Also if you have made an appointment for lets say 7:30 or 8pm in advance because you work during the day, that does not count as after hours it is covered by the regular rates.

We also have packages that include ALL parts as well as labor. In these cases it doesn’t matter if the tech is there for 10 min or 10 hours the price remains the same.

Another nice thing we like to do for our clients is work with them on how long we are on site. In other words, if we are there for 1 hour and 12 minutes you are getting charged for 1 hour. There is no breaching the hour auto billing with us.