Optimization is one of the most misunderstood aspects of a computer and is very important. An optimized computer can save time, frustration and most importantly a big hit to the wallet. Do you remember when you first got your computer? It was so fast! Everything worked right, it was nice to work on. Cut to a few years or even a few months later and things seem to have slowed down. You think to yourself… its in my head.. I just got used to it being really fast. NO! Its not in your head. In todays world we put on and take off massive amounts of information on our computers. We throw it in the trash empty it and think nothing else of it. In the backround however your computer has to do many things that you don’t see and after a while it gets bogged down. Often a very good optimization can bring your computer back to its original snappy self and in some cases even make it faster, than when you first got it